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VoiceXP is the most advanced Alexa Skill building tool in the world. (It’s even recommended by Amazon!) 

SIGN UP FOR FREE to build a Flash Briefing in less than 3 minutes and then easily create a multi-modal Alexa Skill that provides questions and answers, plays audio, video, and sends instant text messages & email. Test it out and when you’re ready, we’ll publish your Flash briefing or Skill for you. All you have to do is maintain the content.  Once your Alexa Skill is live, get real-time statistics from Google Analytics to see how many people engaged, just like a website.  If you want to put your business on Google Assistant or Samsung Bixby, we can do that – just ask.  

Our Customers

We work with leading businesses

Highest Honor

We won the
Highest Award

At the 2019 Alexa Awards, a panel of judges awarded VoiceXP the most prestigious honor in the voice industry: Winner of the Alexa Skill of the Year for Consumer Marketing and Brand Extension category.

We’d like to congratulate the runners up: Tide, Fitbit, and Good Housekeeping.


Work with the best!

Alexa Champions on full-time staff

Alexa Champions are hand-picked by Amazon to recognize them as Alexa subject matter experts.  There are less than 30 in the world, and we’re lucky to have a few on full-time staff.  Our Alexa experts ensure quality in your skill and are frequently bringing new features to our platform.  We are the only Amazon recommended agency with Alexa Champions on full time staff.

Amazon Recommended Agency AND Tool Maker

Since May 2017, we have been proud to be one of the few Amazon Recommended Agency’s for developing Alexa Skills and we’re also a recommended tool maker to build skills for businesses.  When Amazon customers ask “who can help us build a Skill?”, they say VoiceXP.

Amazon Advanced Tier Partner

Being an Advanced Tier Partner with Amazon is a big deal, and there are no other Alexa platforms or agencies who have this level of certification.  Amazon has approved our architecture, process, security implementation, global high availability, the way we implement best practices and manage a large number of Alexa Skills for our customers.

Samsung Bixby Recommended Agency

We are excited to be invited to be a part of the Samsung Bixby early adopter program.  Because of our advanced work with Bixby, Samsung has named us an official recommended agency.

Helped develop the official Amazon Alexa Certification Exam

We assisted in the development of AWS Certification Examinations by serving as a subject matter expert for the AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder – Specialty Examination.

Alexa Developer Advisory Council Members

We are humbled to be part of Amazon’s Alexa Developer Advisory Council.  It’s a prestigious, invite-only group that provides feedback and guidance on the Alexa product.  Amazon has deployed Alexa bugfixes and features as a direct result of our work together.

We’re Honored

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If you have a website, you need a Voice EXPERIENCE® software as a service

Welcome to the NOW

Consumers are adopting voice technology like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant faster than mobile.

Millennial’s, Elderly, and the Now Generation are talking to technology.



Don't look it up...


Don't search by typing...


Don't fill out a form...



Just Ask to get...

Instant information
about your business
from anywhere
without typing!

Create far more than an Alexa Skill, use VoiceXP to build an engaging Voice Experience

Includes EXCLUSIVE Voice Marketing Plan that drives results

Quick On-boarding and 24/7 Customer Service

NO Coding required AND "It's Easy As Craigslist"

Demo Videos

Watch what Voice Experience® can do for your business…

Generate Leads

Schedule Appointments

Get Product Information

Get Business Information

Enter a Contest

Get Policy Information

Use Different Languages

You may be wondering

What else can you do?

Marketing Events

Executive Reporting




Lead Generation





Integrations with business systems

Appreciation and Gift Campaigns

Field Service

Real-Time Updates

Use Different Languages

The Benefits of Voice

Don’t have customers look it up, enable them to just ask.

Customer benefits

What does Voice do for my customer?

Ask Alexa about your business

Reduces friction by providing information easier

Saves time by providing information faster

Instantly access your business from anywhere, anytime

Alexa will send them a coupon/offer via SMS text message

Get help, support or troubleshooting information

Sales Benefits

How can this impact your revenue?

Generate Leads

Book New Appointments

Access decision makers

Excite sellers and partners

Helps increase sales conversions

Include product pitch, position, and even sales traps

Onboard and train better and faster

Differentiate from your competition

Marketing Benefits

How can this impact your marketing?

Our Alexa Marketing Campaign in a Box is proven success

Scale Brand Communications to a New Channel

Generate Leads for Sales

Out-Innovate your competition

Increase foot-traffic to tradeshow, conference, and event booths

Differentiates your brand

Make your booth memorable and exciting

Achieve Marketing MBO's

We are voice agnostic

Official Partners with

Video Testimonials

Customer Results and Benefits

Increase foot-traffic to your event booth

Using the CenturyLink Alexa Skill at our tradeshow booth definitely brought more people in and it was easy to have Alexa tell them about what we do and our products.

Andy Watson

Sr. Product Manager, CenturyLink

Disrupt Your Industry!

I was the first platinum music artist to have an Alexa skill.  That’s historic.   I can see every artist having their own Alexa Skill from VoiceXP in the future.  It’s a better way to engage the fans and control my content.


Platinum Recording Artist, Columbia Records

Deep Voice Experience

Case Studies, Use Cases, Testimonials and Videos

Effective Marketing Campaign


CenturyLink marketing was looking for a new and innovative marketing campaign to generate leads and book more meetings. We worked with them to deploy the first Alexa marketing campaign in a box which included an Alexa Skill. The results were increased sales, more meetings booked, sales reps and partners were excited, and they gained access to decision-makers by using VoiceXP’s innovative and exclusive solution.

The Alexa Marketing Campaign in a Box excited the entire channel.  Our partners and sellers love it!

Tina Smith

VP of Marketing, CenturyLink


TiVo created a huge buzz by deploying an Alexa skill as part of a new product launch. They used VoiceXP to create the Demote the Remote Skill which included hilarious jokes on why you should get your remote and replace it with a voice controlled TiVo system. The product launch was a big hit and huge number of consumers used the skill to get information.


Clayco was looking for a way to thank their high profile customers in new way.  They wanted to amplify the reach of their marketing messaging, especially to their top clients.  They used the Voice Marketing Campaign in a Box to successfully engage clients with VoiceXP’s Voice Experience®.  They sent their top clients a new Echo Show along with a personalized card that included the messages to ask the Clayco Alexa Skill.  Clients were engaged and the campaign was a success.

Differentiate Your Brand

City of Ozark Missouri

The City of Ozark, Missouri was the first Chamber of Commerce to adopt voice.  They wanted to use new technology to make it easier for their audiences to get information about the City of Ozark. Feedback from the residents who leveraged the Skill was that it’s an awesome service and easier to ask Alexa than look it up on their website.

Capital Innovators

Capital Innovators is always looking to amplify communications and make it easier for their audience to get information about their business. They used VoiceXP to publish information and updates so that people can just ask questions instead of looking it up on the website. As a result, they have been able to increase engagement and enable users to stay connected, hands-free.

Obtain New Customers

The Thoughtful Home

The Thoughtful Home needed a better way to get new customers and easily communicate updates to customers. They used an Alexa Skill from VoiceXP to generate leads, get more appointments, close more sales, and communicate smart home software updates and news to their customers.

The Thoughtful Home Alexa Skill helped us get our foot in the door and generate leads.  It’s been a great promotion and differentiator for our business..

Joe Whittaker

CEO, The Thoughtful Home

Total Highspeed Internet

Total High-speed Internet needed a new way to get attention in their market. They used an Alexa skill and our voice marketing plan to book appointments and enable customers to get information about their products and services. Their entire company is excited about voice and customers are now asking for integrations.

Generate More Leads

Tower Real Estate Group

Tower realty group was the first commercial real estate company to deploy an Alexa Skill. They needed to enable people to get information without having to go to the building or remember a website. It allowed them to differentiate their property, be innovative, attract millennials, and generate leads for the leasing agents. VoiceXP helped them create an Alexa skill that didn’t just generate mega press, it also brought in a lot of leads and set the bar for their industry.

It’s easier for people to learn about our properties and contact a leasing agent using Alexa than it is our website.  When someone says “contact a leasing agent”, our leasing agent gets a text with the leads phone number in real-time.

Jassen Johnson

CEO, Tower Real Estate Group

First Integrity Mortgage

First Integrity Mortgage was the first mortgage company in Missouri to adopt an Alexa Skill.  They needed a way to differentiate from their competition and wanted to embrace new technology. They were also the first mortgage company to work with other mortgage companies to put Alexa Kiosks inside bank lobbies to services customers who wanted to get information about mortgages.  As a result, First Integrity Mortgage was able to generate leads and service the customer faster.

Make It Easy For Your Customers

Cantor Injury Law

Cantor Injury law was the first law firm in the world to adopt an Alexa Skill. Cantor Injury Law agreed that they needed to adopt new technology and meet customers where they are. They had several use cases for when having a Skill available would benefit their clients, such as, if they were involved in an automobile accident, they could  use their Alexa Skill to get in touch with the firm fast.

We worked with VoiceXP to be the first law firm in the world to have an Alexa skill.  It helped our firm differentiate and generate leads.  It was easy to fit into our existing marketing activities. People ask me about it all the time.

Mark Cantor

CEO, Cantor Injury Law

Voice Agnostic

Use VoiceXP’s Voice Experience® Platform to directly engage customers on these popular Voice Platforms

Amazon Alexa

Most businesses start with an Alexa Skill.  Amazon owns over 70% of the smart speaker market.  Alexa is the most feature-rich of all voice assistants, and will eventually be built in everywhere.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is available on Google Home devices, and Android phones.  Businesses deploy both to Alexa and Google to cover the bases.

Samsung Bixby

Samsung ships over 500 million products a year, and Bixby is being built into all of them. Samsung also has a large market share of mobile phone users, especially in Asia.

Microsoft Cortana

Microsoft Cortana is built into every Windows 10 computer.  Their footprint is expected to grow over time.

VoiceXP Features

Everything You’ll Need

Self-Service Portal

No Coding Required! Use our self-service portal to update your content

White Glove Onboarding

We’ll provide white-glove support to help you get started, plan for success, and execute

Voice Marketing Plan

We developed a step-by-step plan to help you successfully market your Voice Experience® SaaS

Secure Platform

Amazon certified VoiceXP’s implementation process and security best practices

Metrics and Analytics

View how many users you have and what they are saying using the VoiceXP Dashboards

Technical Integrations

Ability to send customers coupons via text message and receive leads from users via text or email

Enterprise-grade Reliability

Our service is highly-available and certified by Amazon 

Global Scale

Launch globally by deploying to numerous countries and languages

Fanatical Support

Our support is available to help you make changes and guide you 24/7

Talk with our experts to get started NOW!

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

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24/7 Proactive Support

If you need to make a last minute change, we’re here for you.  We also provide a dedicated customer service representative to onboard you onto the VoiceXP platform. We also provide coaching for the first 90 days to help plan, execute, and track your success.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied within the first 30 days, we’ll give you your money back, less setup fee.  We are confident our easy to use platform, white glove on-boarding, voice marketing plan, and great support will make your Voice Experience® SaaS a successful one.

Don’t wait to get started!

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Without VoiceXP’s Voice Experience® Platform, your business can’t easily connect to your customers on Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana, or Samsung Bixby.  

We can solve that immediately.